RoboCup 2013’s own talk show

RoboCup 2013 will broadcast a talkshow on Wednesday at 21h local time. Lieven Scheire, who is known in the Netherlands and Belgium because he placed a shipping container before the main entrance of the Belgium mobile company Mobistar, will talk with guests about the first tournament day and look forward…

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Opening Ceremony RoboCup 2013

The RoboCup 2013 World Championships have officially been opened this afternoon at 4 PM. In the tent, also home of the Robot Playground, a few words of welcome were said to the participants and visitors, and words of thanks to the sponsors for their support of the event.

After the…

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Humanoid: fragile football player

This first day of RoboCup 2013 brings a number of competitions in the Humanoid League. The soccer playing robots with their human-like appearance look fragile, but they sure can play soccer (and if they fall over, they can get back up on their own!).

It is amazing to see…

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Kick-off RoboCup 2013

After months of preparation, the moment has arrived: RoboCup 2013 has begun! Competitions will take place in the various Leagues starting today and the arenas are open to the public. Soccer, (at home) care and rescue robots are all part of the programme. During the next few days we will…

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RoboCup 2013 about to start

Only three days left until the start of the largest international robotics event the year, RoboCup 2013. Five days of exciting continuous competitions, demonstrations and fun workshops, all free to visit at the Genneper Parks in Eindhoven.

What to expect as a visitor? Of course many fun and exciting games…

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