Junior Camping – Accommodation

Sleeping area

Three different sleeping areas are set up at the Junior camping site so everybody can feel comfortable.

  • Family area: In the family area participants and mentors sleep in the same tent. This area is mostly meant for younger participants that are staying with their parents.
  • Girl area: In the girl area the mentors and participants sleep in separate tents. The girl area is only meant for female participants, and their supervisors.
  • Boy area: In the boy area the mentors and participants sleep in separate tents. The boy area is only meant for male participants and their supervisors.

The areas are separated from one another, it is only possible to enter the sleeping area designated to you.

Fully equipped 10- and 20-persons tents with stretchers and brand new sleeping bags (which are yours to keep) await you at arrival! 

Also in the sleeping area:

  • Toilets for night time use
  • Lockers (there is one locker available for each individual to keep you belongings save)

Showers and toilets

The camping has an inside and outside hot shower area. The outside area contains several shower blocks, each block containing 6 individual hot showers. The inside showers area consists of several locker rooms containing shared showers. There are separated locker rooms for boys, girls and adults.

There are toilets in the common area of the camping and in the sleeping areas for night time use.

Junior Camping - Showers