RoboCupJunior – information participants

Dear RoboCupJunior participants,

At this webpage you will find the latest news for each Junior league, during the competitions.
Please make sure that you check this website regularly.

Enjoy your week at RoboCup 2013!

RoboCupJunior – Dance

25 June 2013 (20.44): Welcome!
25 June 2013 (20.44): Dance interview schedule
28 June 2013 (09.15): Schedule Day 2

Click on the pictures to enlarge!

PrimaryDanceGroupPhoto SecondaryDanceGroupPhoto

RoboCupJunior – Soccer

27 June 2013 (02.10): Rule Updates
27 June 2013 (02.10): Rules for Big Field SuperTeams

RoboCupJunior – Rescue

no newsletters yet 

RoboCupJunior – CoSpace

27 June 2013 (16.29): Newsletter CoSpace


Information for Visiting Major League Games

Standard Platform League (SPL – Nao) Schedule

The schedule is updated everyday. You can check the schedule to find out when the SPL team from your country is competing!

Rescue League
Rescue challenges are running constantly. Please visit Rescue League anytime to see what the rescue robots are doing. You can talk to any team members who are around the Rescue arena!

Simulation League (Soccer & Rescue)
The executive committee members  and teams are welcoming Junior teams to visit their games and ask questions anytime!

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