Symposium – Poster listing

Projects promoting RoboCup


  1. RoboCupJunior – Soccer Startup Guide Project
    Amy Eguchi
  1. SimSpark – Open Source Simulator for SPL
    Heinrich Mellmann, Yuan Xu and Marcus Scheunemann
  1. Open Web Based Development Platform for RoboCup @Home
    Jeffrey Too Chuan Tan, Hiroyuki Okada, Takayuki Nagai, Komei Sugiura and Tetsunari Inamura
  1. A Revised Referee Application for the Standard Platform and Humanoid Leagues
    Thomas Röfer
  1. Referee Box and Visualisation Tool for the Logistics League Sponsored by Festo
    Alexander Ferrein
  1. A Standard Robotic Software Architecture for RoboCup Rescue based on ROS – Towards Perception and Action in 3D Environments –
    Alexander Kleiner, Gerald Steinbauer, Johannes Pellenz and Tomoichi Takahashi
  1. Humanoid Soccer School 2013
    Sven Behnke and Jacky Baltes
  1. A Middleware for executing Setplays in mixed teams
    Luis Paulo Reis, Luís Mota and Nuno Lau
  1. Open Visual Ground-Truth System for Robocup Leagues
    José Miguel Soares de Almeida, André Dias, Alfredo Martins and Eduardo Silva
  1. Computer Controlled Human Soccer League: A New Step Towards the 2050s Goal
    Hamid Mobalegh, Björn Karger and Raul Rojas

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  1. juni 22, 2013

    Next to these Projects that Promote RoboCup, there will also be two other types of poster presentations:

    Regular Symposium Papers:

    Special Track on on open-source hard- and software:

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