Tech United in the finals!

This morning at 9:30h, current world champion Tech United won the semi-final match against CAMBADA in the Middle Size League with 6-0. This means they qualified themselves for the final! The final match will take place at 3PM today. Team Water won against BITAC with 8-0…

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Tonight in Today @RoboCup: Rescue Robots on the table

Tonight, there will be special attention for the Rescue League in the daily talk show Today @RoboCup. One of the organizers of the Rescue League will join host Lieven Scheire and side kick Guy. He will take one of the rescue robots with him as well.

In the Rescue League…

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The robot that worked in Fukushima

Everyday use of robots isn’t just a future dream. Some of the robots you’ll see at RoboCup 2013 have already showed what they can do. For example after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the twin brother of rescue robot Quince from Sendai University in Japan entered areas that were…

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Teams compete and copy

Every team at RoboCup wants to win. But they’re also here to learn – from each other. They can adopt smart tips & tricks from each other, which accelerates the process of developing the ideal robot.

On Wednesday many of the teams in the Middle Size League might well have…

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Robots keep track of their owners

It was already announced as one of the highlights of the second day of RoboCup 2013: the Follow Me test in the @Home League. In this test the service robots have to keep following their owners among lots of other people. Some of the robots couldn’t decide which direction…

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