Final report RoboCup2013 available

Dear RoboCup Fans and Community,

Over five months have passed since RoboCup 2013. We hope you had a great time!

We want to share some interesting figures with you (the full report can be found here)

Over 40,000 people visited the tournament. Among them was queen Máxima of…

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Photo book RoboCup 2013

Albert van Breemen created a photo book with lots of pictures taken during RoboCup 2013! This photo book is available for order here:
“With this photo book I hope to have captured the beauty and spirit of the RoboCup 2013 event. For…

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RoboCup 2013: check the photos

Now all matches are played, it is time for looking back. We welcomed over 2500 participants from around 40 countries, and 40.000 visitors filled the galleries. And above all: we saw many exciting matches. Enough inspiration for photographer Bart van Overbeeke. Check a selection of his photos which we…

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Germans supreme in Humanoid Teen Size final

The NimbRo TeenSize team from Germany had an easy win in the final of the Humanoid Teen Size League against CIT Brains Teen from Japan. The Japanese team had problems with their robots, while both the German robots were on the field for most of the match – a numerical superiority…

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Japan wins Humanoid Adult Size final, Tech United fourth

The robot from the Japanese JoiTech team (seen in goal in the photo) won an exciting RoboCup 2013 final against HuroEvolution AD from Taiwan. The match – a penalty race in which both robots had five shots at goal ­– ended with a score of 4-3. The Eindhoven team Tech United…

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