Dutch Teams in Action

29 Jun, 2013

Dutch teams are active in a number of leagues. Today and tomorrow, they will show their worth several times. Below is a short overview of the schedules of Dutch teams in five different leagues: Middle Size soccer, AdultSize Humanoid soccer, Standard Platform soccer, RoboCup@Home and RoboCup@Work.

Middle Size

Tech United Eindhoven has several matches to play today. At 9AM, they played against the Chinese team BITAC. Another Chinese team, NuBot, will be their opponent at 11:30h. Another game will be played against Carpe Noctem from Germany at 3PM. Depending on their final position in the current pool, they may play in the semi-finals or even the final! The latter will take place on Sunday at 3PM.

AdultSize Humanoid

In this league, Tech United Eindhoven will once again be participating. Soccer robot TUlip plays in the semi-finals on Saturday at 14:30h. His opponent is HuroEvolution AD from Taiwan. The final match is on Sunday morning at 10 o’clock.

Standard Platform

The Dutch NAO Team from Amsterdam participates in the Standard Platform League; at 12PM today they play in the second Round Robin. Later today, the quarter finals will take place, starting at 5PM. On Sunday, the semi-finals and the final match will be played between 9AM and 1:30PM.


On Saturday, three challenges are scheduled, in which all 11 teams that qualified for this round will show what their robots are capable of. Two of these teams are from the Netherlands: Tech United Eindhoven and BORG from Groningen. The Restaurant challenge is scheduled from 10AM-12PM. The Demo challenge will take place starting 2PM, and the Technical challenge is planned between 5PM and 7PM. The Final challenge is scheduled for 12-1:30PM on Sunday.


There is also a Dutch team in the RoboCup@Work League: Swarmlab@Work from Maastricht University. At 10AM and 1PM, the Conveyor Belt tests will take place. The Precise Placement tests are scheduled to take place at 3PM and 6PM. On Sunday, the final will take place at 10AM.

Several Dutch teams participate in the Junior League as well. It is definitely worth taking a look at the Junior venue as well!

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