Eindhoven is unmistakably the most adventurous city in the south of The Netherlands. The country’s fifth-largest city, it offers everything you need to make life enjoyable! A bustling city centre with a huge variety of shops, numerous bars, pubs and restaurants, welcoming terraces, a lively nightlife, an overflowing events calendar and art and culture of the highest quality! But Eindhoven also has a rich historical background; at first sight a young and modern city, it is actually one of the oldest in The Netherlands! Let Eindhoven surprise you….

RoboCup 2013 - Eindhoven City Center

City center of Eindhoven


Walking through the streets of Eindhoven you will see a young, modern city. But looks can be deceiving… Eindhoven is in fact one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands and has a very interesting history! A lively cigar and textile industry developed along the Dommel river. In the Villa park (city center) you can still see the imposing villas and mansions built by industrialists who settled here. The creation of the light-bulb in 1891 by Philips and the first DAF truck a little later was the beginning of the development and flourishing of the city. Since then Eindhoven has grown to become one of the most prominent cities of Europe in the fields of technology, knowledge and design.

High-tech all over

Many top-class international high-tech companies are now located in Eindhoven. The Technical University,Fontys High Schools and the Design Academy continue to attract students from all over the world. Dutch companies and knowledge institutes in the high tech sector are renowned for their technological excellence and are among the world’s best in their market segments and niches. These properties make the Netherlands an excellent ‘place to be’ for technical solutions to challenges society is facing today in the areas of mobility, health, renewable energy, security, and the climate change.

RoboCup 2013 - Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology

Some must-sees in Eindhoven

  • Shopping in Eindhoven
    Besides the shopping streets in the inner city of Eindhoven, the indoor shopping centers De Heuvelgalerie and the Piazza Centre offer you the ultimate shopping experience. You can find the most shops at the 18 Septemberplein, Demer, Rechtestraat, de Markt, Nieuwstraat, Hermanus Boexstraat, Vrijstraat and Hooghuisstraat.
  • Stratumseind
    This 225 meter long street has the most bars and other nightlife possibilities from Eindhoven. The venue De Effenaar at the Dommelstraat is also worth your visit.
  • Philips stadium
    The Philips stadium is the home base of soccer club PSV.
  • Van Abbemuseum
    The Van Abbemuseum is one of the leading museums for modern and contemporary art. The impressive collection includes works of Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky, El Lissitzky, Theo van Doesburg, Mondriaan and Appel.
  • DAF-Museum
    You can see here the first cars developed bij DAF.
  • Sint Catharinakerk
    This church is designed by the famous architect Pierre Cuypers, he also designed the Rijksmuseum and the train station Centraal Station in Amsterdam.
  • Evoluon
    The Evoluon is well known. This ‘flying saucer’ used to be a museum, but nowadays it is a convention centre.

Source: www.vvveindhoven.nl
Photo: Stephane Gaudry