Visa information

How to apply for visa?

You can apply for a short stay visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country 3 months before the competitions start. Make sure that you include the following documents in your application:

  • Valid passport (travel document)
  • Letter of invitation. RoboCup2013 only sends out a letter of invitation after your registration is complete, i.e. after you paid the registration fees.
  • Evidence showing that you have sufficient means of support for your stay in the Netherlands, transit journey, and/or return journey. This means showing you have at least €34,- per person per day at your disposal for the duration of your visa (for example by means of bank statements, traveller’s cheques or cash).
  • Documents showing you have adequate medical travel insurance.
  • Proof of reservations for the journey.
  • Documents which make the return to your country of origin or country of continuous residence plausible. Such as an employer’s statement, records of children attending school, proof of ownership of your own house and/or other immovable property.
  • Two passport photographs.

Please note: An embassy or consulate may always ask you for extra documents or items.

Please note: To speed up the visa-requests, the Dutch embassies prefer teams to make a group appointment for all the team-members.

For more information, see the website of the Dutch government.

Any questions?

For questions about visa and your letter of invitation, please contact

Please note: The letter of invitation will only be send if your registration is complete!

Countries for which a visa is required

Source: website Dutch government.

Afghanistan Equatorial Guinea Maldives Sierra Leone
Algeria Eritrea Mali Somalia
Angola Ethiopia Marshall Islands South Africa
Armenia Fiji Islands Mauritania Sri Lanka
Azerbaijan Gabon Micronesia Sudan
Bahrain Gambia Moldavia Surinam
Bangladesh Georgia Mongolia Swaziland
Belarus Ghana Morocco Syria
Belize Grenada Mozambique Tadzhikistan
Benin Guinea Myanmar Tanzania
Bhutan Guinea-Bissau Namibia Thailand
Bolivia Guyana Nauru Timor Leste
Botswana Haiti Nepal The Ukraine
Burkina-Faso India Niger Togo
Burundi Indonesia Nigeria Tonga
Cambodia Iran North Korea Trinidad Tobago
Cameroon Iraq Northern Mariana Tunisia
Cape Verdi Ivory Coast Oman Turkey
Central African Republic Jamaica Pakistan Turkmenistan
Chad Jordan Palau Tuvala
China Kazakhstan Papua New Guinea Uganda
Colombia Kenya Peru United Arab Emirates
Comoros Kiribati Philippines Uzbekistan
Congo (Brazzaville) Kuwait Qatar Vanuatu
Cuba Kyrgizstan Russian Federation Vietnam
Democratic Republic
Laos Rwanda Western Samoa
Djibouti Lebanon Saint Lucia Yemen
Dominica Lesotho Saint Vincent and
the Grenadines
Dominican Republic Liberia Salomon Islands Zimbabwe
East Timor Libya Sâo Tomé and Principe
Ecuador Madagascar Saudi Arabia
Egypt Malawi Senegal

Countries for which a visa is not required

Source: Appendix 2 of the brochure of the Immigration and Naturalisation service of the Dutch Government.

Nationals of EU/EEA countries do not require a visa

Albania* Costa Rica Mexico Singapore
Andorra Croatia Monaco South Korea
Antigua & Barbuda El Salvador Montenegro* Spain
Argentina Guatemala New Zealand Switzerland
Australia Honduras Nicaragua Taiwan (Republic of China)**
Barbados Hong Kong*** Panama The Bahamas
Bosnia-Herzegovina* Israel Paraguay United States of America
Brazil Japan San Marino Uruguay
Brunei Macedonia* Saint Kitts and Nevis Vatican City
Canada Malaysia Serbia* Venezuela
Chile Mauritius Seychelles

* Nationals of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia (former Yugoslavia), Montenegro and Serbia in principle do not require a visa, unless they still have a non-biometric passport. In that case, they require a visa, al be it at a lower fee.

** Citizens of Taiwan are from 11-1-2011 not required to have a visa if the number of the id card is also included in the passport.

*** Holders of BNO (British National Overseas) passports and Hong Kong SAR passports (Special Administrative Region)