Behind the Scenes: Randstad-employee to the Rescue

26 Jun, 2013

On the evening of Tuesday, June 25, the first participants of the Junior League arrived at the Ice Skating Centre for registration. Most teams had no trouble during the registration process, but others were a bit less fortunate…

A team from Singapore arrived at the desk and were greeted by Claire, an employee of the Randstad bureau. During the registration procedure, she found out that the team members did not have a place to stay – which is, of course, very unpleasant when you’ve come all the way from Singapore to the Netherlands.

Claire got an idea: she called the supervisor of the student home where she lives. There were two vacant rooms in the house. This way, she managed to arrange a place to stay during the RoboCup event for the Singaporean team.

Of course, things sometimes go amiss in big organisations like RoboCup – but fortunately there are people like Claire to solve the problems!

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