Junior Camping – Lounge and food

Lounge area

The camping site contains several lounge areas. In these lounge areas you can talk to you friends and enjoy snacks and beverages.

Junior Camping - Relax 2 Junior Camping - Relax
Café ‘t Schaetshuys
A cozy cafe upstairs with a wooden ski hut theme. The many tables offer the possibility to play games and there is electricity and internet available. (Of course you can always go to the Junior RoboCup hall if you would like to work, since it is next door!). There is a bar where you can order beverages.

Junior Camping - Canteen

On the camping  is a canteen were snacks (such as chips, hamburgers and hotdogs) can be purchased, even as ice creams and beverages.

Outside picnic area
A nice lounge area is set up outside. The several picnic tables and bean bags can be just to relax and eat and drink something.

Lounge tent
When more than 300 participants are staying at the Junior camping an extra lounge tent will be set up. In this tent there will be sofa’s and picnic tables where you can sit down and play games, eat and drink.


It is possible to order breakfast and lunch packets at the camping. When ordered, these packets are waiting for you every morning when you get up.

A barbecue will be organized at the Junior camping. Sign up and enjoy our all you can eat barbecue!

Junior Camping - Food

Catering tent
The catering tent is stationed on the RoboCup venue at about 15 minutes walk from the Junior Camping  (there also are shuttle busses driving between the Junior Camping and catering tent). In this tent breakfast, lunch and dinner is served. The catering tent serves several different buffets, suitable for each budget.

There is a supermarket at 2 km from the Junior venue.