Kick-off RoboCup 2013

26 Jun, 2013

After months of preparation, the moment has arrived: RoboCup 2013 has begun! Competitions will take place in the various Leagues starting today and the arenas are open to the public. Soccer, (at home) care and rescue robots are all part of the programme. During the next few days we will regularly place articles with more information on the website.

There is plenty to see and to do for visitors of all ages; there are soccer competitions, kids are invited to play with dino robots and of course you can take a picture with RoboCup mascot Robin.

Today, most games will be played in the Humanoid League (with soccer-playing robots shaped like humans). In the @Home League, the robots will present themselves to the public today – including AMIGO from team Tech United.

Everyone is warmly invited to the Indoor Sportcentrum Eindhoven. Unfortunately, there are troubles with the official website causing difficulties in accessing competition schedules etc., we apologise for any inconvenience. Most competitions will take place today until 3PM and in the evening.

We hope to see you here and wish everyone a good time at RoboCup 2013!

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