Junior Camping – Fun activities

The camping committee offers a range of fun evening activities throughout the week for some relaxation, social interaction and sportiveness. Would you rather work late in the Junior Hall? No problem, all activities are voluntary!


A cinema is set up at the camping site where different movies are played every night. Free entrance!


Efit offers many active computer games and is stationed within the camping area. Games include:

  • iDance dance revolution dancing mats
  • skate, row, cycle and snowboard simulators
  • Makoto
  • interactive floors and walls..

.. and many, many more. Come in and check it out!

Junior Camping - Fun 2 Junior Camping - Fun 3

One night the camping committee organizes a dance dance revolution competition! Sign in and win the Junior Camping dance dance revolution 2013 trophy!

Tropical swimming pool

A tropical swimming pool is stationed within 500 meter of the camping site. Have fun on the many slides after a hard day’s work. Do you like swimming while listening to music? Join the disco swimming at Friday night. Bring your team for an evening of splashing fun! You can enter the swimming pool for only €2,-!

Junior Camping - Swimming pool Junior Camping - Swimming pool 2

Fun Game nights

The camping committee organizes several nice game nights in which you can challenge you friends! Playing is never for money, but you can win nice prices!

Karaoke night

Do you like to sing on a karaoke evening? Than is this something for you! During the week a karaoke night is organized at which you can sing your favorite songs on the Robocup Dance podium.

Junior Camping - Fun 5