A unique opportunity for leaders in various sectors

The combination of fascinating robotics, vivacious competitions and presentations from innovative organizations that want to contribute to high tech solutions for a better society make RoboCup 2013 into an ideal stage and meeting place for:

Sponsorbrochure RoboCup 2013- Hundreds of decision makers and influencers who want to accelerate the necessary technological innovation in, for instance, cure & care, food & agro, energy and transport;

- Developers, producers, adopters, users, prescribers, financers, insurance companies, labour mediators, educators and authorities.

- Thousands of technical students from 40 countries who take part or come to watch.

- Journalists, nationally and internationally, TV, radio, web, social media, journals, newspapers and blogs. Previous editions have reached millions of people worldwide.

- Thousands of spectators, including many young people and families.

Make use of the many opportunities that RoboCup 2013 provides you with in societal positioning, relation marketing and publicity. Just download the brochure and contact the team:

Marieke Peelen: +31-644 148 906
Martijn van der Eerden: +31-613852450
Email: sponsoring@robocup2013.org

1 Comment

  1. March 10, 2013

    Ik ben Rick van Breemen, 12 jaar en ik zit in groep 7.
    Ik houd mijn spreekbeurt over robots. Robots vind ik interessant en ik ga ook naar Robocup 2013 in Eindhoven. Daar heb ik heel veel zin in.
    Heeft u misschien ook folders over de Robocup die ik kan uitdelen aan de kinderen in mijn klas (30 kinderen) na afloop van mijn spreekbeurt?

    Alvast hartelijk bedankt voor uw hulp.

    Rick van Breemen